It has been months since I have blogged. My work and personal life have been very busy. Work has been VERY VERY busy. I have been trying to find the time to write but it never seems to come. So today, between a small lull in my day I decided I would write. Even as I type the words it feels so good. I've missed my little blog. I missed getting my thoughts down. Since it is a new year I wanted to talk about 2012. 2012 was an amazing year. I travelled to Europe for a second time, went to California, rode 30 plus miles on my bike, rode my bike up a mountain, Spicer has really blossomed, I am closer to Tommy than ever, and I have a new position as regional director. 2012 was a great year. There are still so many things to be done. I have slacked in my weight loss and almost stopped exercising. It is so easy to say, "I don't have time for that today." It is so easy to say, “I’ll just eat a few of these crackers or a cookie or two." I am not going to beat myself up. This isn't a big long blog
about how awful I am. This is about starting back up. I'm not starting over, just resuming. I'm not at square one, just a few steps behind. And that's OK! I saw a great picture the other day. It's the picture above and it said Enjoy The Journey. Sometimes I think people looking to improve their lives whether it be their health or weight or anything for that matter get so bogged down on reaching some type of end or final goal. We put ourselves through these imaginary time lines. When I started this Journey I had a set number and a set time I wanted to be "finished" losing weight. Now why did I do that? Did I really think I would have some kind of end date with weight loss? Did I think after a magic number I would not loose or gain any more? That is silly. Is it good to have goals? YES But it is not good to let yourself get depressed or think that you are a lesser person because you didn't meet those goals. I have gained some of my weight back. BUT!!! I am now trying to lose it. I have taken
steps to make that happen. 1) I threw out any snack food I was munching on. 2) Tommy and I have Mag Trainers for our bikes to ride indoors during this cold weather 3) We have started counting calories again. Will the weight I gained come off in three days? NOPE :) But, I'll get there. Plus I have a great partner in crime to help me along the way. Here's to the JOUNREY! Happy 2013!

"You will come to a place where the streets are not marked. Some windows are lighted. But mostly they’re darked. A place you could sprain both your elbow and chin! Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in? How much can you lose? How much can you win?

And if you go in, should you turn left or right…or right-and-three-quarters? Or, maybe, not quite? Or go around back and sneak in from behind? Simple it’s not, I’m afraid you will find, for a mind-maker-upper to make up his mind."

I had no idea but two weeks ago on a Monday my life was about to change...

My cell phone buzzed, it was a Nashville number.  My heart always jumps a little when I see a Nashville number because that is where Omni's Home Office is located.  I answered the call.  "Omni Visions, this is Elizabeth."  My CEO was on the other end.  "Hold on a sec, let me get Kathy."  (Our Omni Program Director).  My mind came up with 2000 things this could be.  Eric spoke quickly, "Don't worry... you aren't in trouble."  I felt a bit better but there were still about 20 knots in my tummy.   I thought about what this call could be.  My boss had told me about a possible promotion to begin formally supervising all our Kentucky Trainers.  I thought that must be it!!   But then he said...."We want to talk to you about becoming the Regional Director."  I paused... (I thought HOLY Sh*&%) But some how I was able to produce, "I am so flattered, if you could see my face right now I have a huge smile." 

I really looked like this...

We worked out a meeting time for that Wednesday.  I had
tons of reflections, crying, smiles, and talks with Tommy, Spicer, and my parents.   I had my meeting, went over tons of questions and comments, and said.... YES!!!  As of this Friday we announced it to everyone.  As of Friday I am the New Ky Regional Director!   I am excited, scared, and thrilled to have this Journey.  It's times like these I really wish my grandmothers and papaw were still living.  My Mamaw especailly pushed me to allways do my best and to dream big.   I know she is smiling.  I hope I can make her very proud!
Here's to a new chapter in my life! 
Dear Reader:

I want to begin this blog by saying thank you
for reading! I know I don't have many people who read this but if anything it gives me comfort to get my thoughts down.

I haven't been motivated lately. I find myself getting up each morning with good intentions of yoga or zumba or running or lifting or getting on my bike but the hours of the day tick tock away and I find myself producing 300 reasons why I can't do anything. I keep waiting for motivation, for inspiration, for that feeling I used to feel that MADE me exercise. It hasn't come! I have felt bored with exercise. I have felt less than motivated. Heck I have felt the opposite of motivated. I have felt LAZY. I keep thinking I can draw motivation from others. It's all around me! I don't have to look far. I have a friend competing in an Ironman, a friend
who started writing a blog, and another friend who has lost over 20lbs. Why isn't something clicking? Then today as I was riding my bike it hit me. It was similar to the realization I had a few weeks ago that this was my life. I realized that there wasn't going to be some confetti that poured out when I reached the end of my journey. My life is my JOURNEY. The same thing comes with inspiration. I mean what the heck am I looking for? Am I looking for the clouds
to part and the sun to shine on me with choirs singing in the background?  

Today I was doing a few things for a co-workers wedding shower. I was trying to find some words of wisdom, a quote to sum up my advice on a good relationship. I looked at several quotes. I kept finding them lacking what I wanted to say. Then I found it. Three simple words...“Time and Patience.” ― Leo Tolstoy Not only was that the perfect quote for what I was looking for it was also WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR! I need to have time and patience. I have said this before. THIS ISN"T A RACE!!! I have always loved Tolstoy. He is one of my favorite writers. I love his writing. I love his characters. They are never without flaws but at the same time not a single one is without redeeming qualities. One of my favorite characters of his is Pierre. Here is one of his best lines.

Each morning I wake up, I'm disgusted with myself
with what I did the night before.   I tell myself, "Today, a change."If my headache is bad enough, I say, "Pierre..."...today you must take steps to become a saint." I drop into the club and watch the card-playing, just order a glass of water to prove how marvellously I resist temptation.Then someone comes along and says, "Just one vodka, Pierre."Next morning, my headache is worse, my pockets are emptier.  I want to discover... everything!  I want to discover why I know what's right and still do what's wrong.  I want to discover what happiness is, and what value there is in suffering.  I want to discover why men go to war, and what they really say deep in their hearts when they pray.  I want  to discover what men and women feel when they say they love.    There's enough to keep me busy.

This JOURNEY I am on is enough to keep me busy. I will struggle, I will lack motivation, I will make mistakes. I haven't lost weight in several months. The wind isn't blowing my way so it's time to adjust my sails! The great
thing about it is that I am not alone in the boat.

I am so lucky to have Tommy by my side in this journey. I have my exercise and journey partner all rolled into one :). I am sure sometimes he wants to push me out of the boat since I tend to whine more and resist more than he EVER does. I tend to not be near as happy or excited about exercising. But there he is. Always there!

I have felt like a failure these past few months but I think I am a peace with myself. I forgive myself. And it's time to
move on. Here's to THE JOURNEY, even when you aren't motivated or inspired. Here's to THE JOURNEY when you are feeling down and wanting to quit because those times do exist and then you get over them and move on. What do you do to begin again in your JOURNEY?

As I reported earlier, Tommy and I really needed a break.  Friday he and I enjoyed some Jasmine and a little wine then we headed to Taylor Bay to catch some shooting stars!   It was so nice to lay on a blanket under the stars and just enjoy life.   I felt free and without a care in the world!  Saturday we took our 15 mile bike ride in the country.  I love our 15 mile ride.  It always makes me feel so at peace!
After Tommy and I finished our bike ride we headed back to his house.  He was on his laptop "paying bills" when he announced.  "I need to tell you something. We are going to Nashville. I already booked us a room while I was on my lap top."  I was thrilled.  We got ready and headed to Nashville.  It felt so good to be away.  Thank you Tommy for an AMAZING weekend!  I needed that :)
Tommy and I and GZP have had a wild ride these last few weeks. Everything FILTER has dominated conversations, time, and resources. Although it has been very hard at times and scary we made it for better or for worse. I would have to say...of all the shows Tommy has done this has been the most exciting and the hardest. I really enjoyed meeting the band and the support acts. It is likely the closest I will ever get to a major band like this. I can't help but be a little star struck. Tommy and I gave Richard Patrick (lead singer) a ride. We were able to talk to all the band members. They are all really sweet and down to earth guys. I can say truly a class act. I was humbled by their humility and graciousness. Now that Filter is over... time for a little break! NAP TIME!! We are worn out!! Here are a few photos.

Sometimes I get frustrated with my journey. Then reality sets in. This isn't a race! There isn't some special number I hit where balloons and streamers fall out of the sky and some loud voice announces my completion. NO! This is my life now. This isn't something that will end or go away. This life change is ME. There will be times where I stumble, there will be times where meet my goals, and everything in between. That's what it is to make this journey MY LIFE! As I have reported these last few weeks have been busy and no exercise. Saturday Tommy and I took our country bike ride. It felt so good to be on my bike. I loved feeling the wind, seeing nature, and the ZOOM of my bike as we went down hills. This morning I did yoga and it felt good to work out my body. It sounds strange but it felt good to get my body moving again. The soreness in my muscles felt like a reminder of the work it takes to keep going but felt strangely comforting. Sometimes you just have to put aside all the stress of trying to be perfect and just be happy. Make good choices as much as you can and move forward. What do you do to be happy in your journey? 
These last few weeks have been very busy.  My job has been full of issues and I was planning Spicer's birthday party.   Every day seemed to be full with no time to blink.   Last night I was telling Tommy, "I feel like from the time my alarm goes off till when my head hits the pillow it's just go go go!"  Exercise has been pushed to the side but I have continued to watch my food intake and my calories.   I can't change these last few weeks, all I can do is move forward and MAKE time to workout.  Spicer is gone till the 1st of August.   I have no excuse.  If I have to work out tonight at 1AM I will do it.   My dad is always postive.  He has a phrase he uses from time to time, "just peachy."  Even thought these past few weeks have been hard, I still need to find the good in it.  I can choose to look at the positive.  I have gotten a lot done these past few weeks and Spicer's birhtday was a huge success.   What do you do to keep it peachy? 
Last week was very BUSY!  Tommy and I traveled to Nashville on June 30th to see the wonderful 9th!  Last week durring the week was very busy.   Even with the 4th as a break in the work week it felt like two Monday's.   This week feels a little calmer and Tommy and I have scheduled our exercise so week can do better.   What do you do to make exercise part of your week even when you are very busy? Here are a few pictures from my busy week including last weekend's Nashville trip.