These last few weeks have been very busy.  My job has been full of issues and I was planning Spicer's birthday party.   Every day seemed to be full with no time to blink.   Last night I was telling Tommy, "I feel like from the time my alarm goes off till when my head hits the pillow it's just go go go!"  Exercise has been pushed to the side but I have continued to watch my food intake and my calories.   I can't change these last few weeks, all I can do is move forward and MAKE time to workout.  Spicer is gone till the 1st of August.   I have no excuse.  If I have to work out tonight at 1AM I will do it.   My dad is always postive.  He has a phrase he uses from time to time, "just peachy."  Even thought these past few weeks have been hard, I still need to find the good in it.  I can choose to look at the positive.  I have gotten a lot done these past few weeks and Spicer's birhtday was a huge success.   What do you do to keep it peachy? 

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