As I reported earlier, Tommy and I really needed a break.  Friday he and I enjoyed some Jasmine and a little wine then we headed to Taylor Bay to catch some shooting stars!   It was so nice to lay on a blanket under the stars and just enjoy life.   I felt free and without a care in the world!  Saturday we took our 15 mile bike ride in the country.  I love our 15 mile ride.  It always makes me feel so at peace!
After Tommy and I finished our bike ride we headed back to his house.  He was on his laptop "paying bills" when he announced.  "I need to tell you something. We are going to Nashville. I already booked us a room while I was on my lap top."  I was thrilled.  We got ready and headed to Nashville.  It felt so good to be away.  Thank you Tommy for an AMAZING weekend!  I needed that :)

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