In January I started this Weight Loss Journey but my struggle with my weight began in College and has been on and off again since.   This week I had about 300 million reasons to give in to temptation and eat eat eat.   1.)  Spicer in the Hospital Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Seeing your child in the hospital is one of the hardest things for a parent.   When my son hurts, I hurt.  Hell, I might hurt even more than he does out of worry for him.   2.)  Work!!!!  We had our COA Mock review Monday and Tuesday.   It was a very stressful event.   All of my work, files, and job were under a microscope by a person hired to help find things that are wrong to help us prepare for our real COA visit.  3.)  I have been sick since Tuesday night.  On top of everything else going on this week let’s just put the cherry on it and have me sick too.   Now before you start asking, THIS IS NOT A PITTY PARTY!   The point of this laundry list is the outcomes.  Spicer is out of the hospital and feeling great, we did very well on our Mock Review, and I am feeling better too!!!  And the best part, the real cherry on top is despite a week with no exercise and all these temptations I managed to keep my calories low and loose a pound.   If you are also wondering, 'Is this lady just tooting her own horn?"  What does she want a medal?"  THINK AGAIN.   I am reporting this for the old me, for the future me, for everyone else who says I CAN'T.   I am living proof that you CAN.   If I can do this, anyone can!!!  No excuses!!!   YOU CAN!!  Repeat it to yourself over and over!!!  

"They can because they think they can."



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