Tommy and I had a very busy Saturday.   We saw the King's Speech, attended the Ilist Birthday Party, and then enjoyed The Issues at Mother Duncans.   I loved The Kings Speech.  I tend to forget my words a lot.  I stammer.  I dont have as bad of a problem as the King but I understand.  It is hard and frustrating when you can't find your words.  Great Movie!!!  The Ilist party was very fun.  It was at Shandies and the Solid Rocket Boosters played.  I love that band.  They have a great folk and bluegrass sound.  The Issues was a great band too.  They are from Atlanta and played all orginals.  That is very refreshing for this area.  Covers can get old at times.  It was a nice and welcome change.   Sunday Tommy and I had a great walk.   The weather was perfect and I really felt the work-out.   I had dinner at my mom and dads.  They were at St George Island for thier birthdays.  We celebrated tonight and I brought them a yummy cake from Tommy.   Mom and dad also brought me a few extra copies of the SGI Collins Rental Guide.  The guide has a picture if Jordan and Spicer.  They asked to put it in thier rental guide last year when I posted some pictures I took when we vacationed there last October.  I am very excited.  I showed Tommy tonight when I got home.  He posted on his facebook how proud of me he is.  I gues it is kind of a big deal :)



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