Adult obesity rates rose in sixteen states this past year and didn't decline in a single one.  More than 31 percent of adults in Kentucky alone are obese, putting the bluegrass at the sixth most obese state.  One Kentuckian fought obesity when he started noticing serious health problems. It wasn't till Robert Buehl made an unexpected trip to the hospital when he decided it was time to make a change.
He said it was only a panic attack but he was having a hard time breathing and doing everyday exercises. Buehl wasn't alone, a recent study shows obesity rates have risen in 16 states including Kentucky.  Dr. Brian Macy said, "I think right now most providers, we aren't surprised by that because we see that everyday.  I think people in general can be very surprised by that because they might not know they're obese or they might not know what that really means."  Weighing close to 300 pounds, Buehl decided to enter the "Train to Lose" competition at Total Fitness Connection in Bowling Green.  75 pounds later he ended up winning the whole thing.  "I'm down to a size 36 pant, that are loose and I have a pair of 34's waiting for me," says Buehl,"It was a blessing that fell into my lap and I'm really glad to have it happen."  Melissa Budd, trainer at the Total Fitness Connection say the most important part to maintaining a healthy weight is by simply moving.  "I don't think people understand how much they really have to move and it's moving most or all days of the week. Some of them want that quick fix and they think, well I'll work out two days a week, stuff like that. It's really looking at your priorities," says Budd.  Although the statistics still stand, Buehl says you have to break the habit to change.  "We are a blessed country but it just comes down to people's eating habits," says Buehl.  Dr. Macy says obesity is often associated with other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  He says, little things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator can make a big difference.


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