Tommy and I got back on our bikes today!  I have really missed my bike.  I rode a bike while we were in London and we walked all over the rest of Europe but it was nice to bike for exercise.   It was nice to be on my bike.  It was a very crisp cool day.  I forgot how it feels to excersise in the cold.  It makes your lungs ache and you feel so chilled.  It is a different kind of impact on the body than heat.    We rode a little under our normal 10 miles but we rode over nine so it was a pretty good ride for the first day back. 

On another note I have been doing a few spot weigh-ins and appears I will be lossing weight this Saturday's weigh-in.  Not to toot my own horn but that is fricken awesome that I am going to lose weight after being on vacation.   I think the key is being careful about what you eat and then splitting the food you know is bad, I'm sure all the walking we did was very helpful too.   I hope I can do this well when I go to Florida in November.  


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