I spent several months saying those top three words. " I should have exercised more this week."  "I could have exercised today if I hadn't been so busy."  "I would have exercised but something came up."  Over and over I said these SAME words.   But not these last few weeks.  I DID EXERCISE!  I DID FIND THE TIME!  I DID MAKE THE TIME!  I DID!  I worked out several days last week and this week I worked out every day but one.  And yes everyone needs at least one day of rest.   This week I felt very fit and very in tune with my body.  I have worked my body very hard this week.  I can already see results from this week and last week.  I see things looking firmer, clothes fitting better again.  This week I did my first HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  Wow! It was amazing.  Here's how it worksa;  You do something very vigorous as fast as you can.  (ex: running up the stairs or ridding your bike very hard) for 30seconds then you take 60 seconds of rest.  It really burns the calories and studies have shown it even burns calories at rest.  Studies conflict on how many calories but they know it does burn more calories at rest.  As the title of this blog alludes, I did not lose any weight this week.  I didn't loose a single pound.  I can't tell you how hard this was to accept.  I was very frustrated Saturday.  Yep I will be honest!  I felt like running to the nearest doughnut shop and getting a dozen (half glazed and half with white icing and nuts) and then calling in a pizza ( a large ranch pizza from Snappy Tomato) and stay in bed with the covers pulled up to my chin (watching lots of chick flicks) and never moving an inch except to use the bathroom and get more food :)   But I didn't.  Some weeks there is no loss.  And that's ok.  At least that's what Tommy was able to finally somewhat convince me of.  I'm not sure what I thought I would see on the scale???  I mean I was off for several months.  Did I think I'd drop 15lbs after 2 weeks of being back on the wagon?   Silly me.   So... time to keep on keeping on.  On to the next week.  Next week I am going to OWN that scale!  -70lbs here I come !


Tommy Mussulls-Hurt
01/22/2012 09:00

Ultimately, it is the composition of your body that matters and not how much it weighs. Your efforts were amazingly productive, both in the short-term calorie burn, and in the long-term metabolism boost. Now...where's that heating pad?


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