Spicer had a very hard time last year in school.  This year he has improved leaps and bounds.  Now that we have many of his behaviors under control we have spent more time this year working on academics.   Spicer is slightly behind in school.  We were hoping he could catch up with a few interventions but that has not been the case.   Spicer will be attending tutoring with the school two days a week and one day a week with Silvan Learning Center.  I am very excited that this will help improve his school performance and enhance his learning.  I think these dillignet efforts wiill help get Spicer on grde level by next fall.   Spicer seems reseptive and excited about tutoring.   He told me yesterday, Mommy the work is getting harder and harder to understand.   He knows he is behind and wants to do well.  I am so proud of you Spicer!  You have come so far!

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