As I have blogged about before I get knots in my tummy when I drive to Kidz Company to pick up Spicer.  I worry that he will have had a rough day.  These days my drives are not near as worrysome.  He has been doing pretty well these past few weeks.  But he was on Spring break all last week so I was worried.  I had decided I wouldn't be too hard on him since he was returning from a long break.   I crossed my fingers, took a deep breath and headed in the school.  "Mommy I had a great day and everyone loved my backpack!!!! I got everything to my classroom!"   I was so happy.  I gave Spicer a big hug and off we went to get his prize and a free meal from Taco Johns.  This morning he said he wanted to make 100%!  I love you Spicer!!!   Way to go!!!!

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