Today was a wonderful and tough day all rolled into one.   Spicer had his first tee ball game!!! I was so excited and so was he.  I picked him up from Kidz Company and I was greeted with a no so very good surprise.  Spicer made 50% yesterday :(   This is one of his lowest percentages since we started tracking his goals early in the school year.  I struggled with what to do about this.  Do I make him miss his first game?  Do I make him go and just cheer his team?  I was not sure what to do.  I decided he needed to go to his first game.  I explained to him the only reason he was playing was because not playing would be letting his time down and that would not be fair to him.  He played well for the most part until the last time out in the field.   But for a first game he did great!!  Spicer knows that if he has another rough day not only will he loose his TV and game system for the day but he will lose his Legos too.  These are tough lessons but important lessons.  I love you Spicer!  I know you can have a good day today.  I know you can do it!!!  I love you no matter what!

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