Spicer has been playing flag football.  The first several practices were just working out, running the ball, etc.  They didn't really say, "This group won, this group lost."  Last Thursday they started making a distinction of who won or lost.   This was a major issue for Spicer.  He fell out on the ground several times when he didn't win, didn't get the ball, or someone took the ball from him.  It occured to me he was learning how to win and lose for the first time.  Spicer has only played teeball and everyone "wins" in teeball.   So it appears to have come as quite a shock to him.   We had a long talk after his practice last Thursday.   We talked about how you can't always win.  We talked about how even big NFL players lose sometimes.  We talked about how you certianlly can't win or help your team if you are screaming on the ground.   Yesterday he had a much better practice.  There was only one time where he started to pout and I ended up going out on the field and he got back in the game.  I think next week will be even better.  You can do it Spicer!  I love you!

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