Spicer continues to improve at school but he has his days.   Today was kind of a rough day.  Spicer was all over the place.  He wasn't listening, he poking other students in the face, he got a ticket in the lunch room.   It is tough as a parent to see this.  When my son hurts, I hurt.  When he is sad, I am sad.  When he suffers, I suffer.   But that is part of being a parent, part of being a mom.  Monday I gave him a break because it was Monday and he came close to meeting his goals and really turned his afternoon around.  Today I was not so forgiving and his percentage was even lower.   So I stood firm and imposed his loss of privlages and he can not watch tv tonight.   It isn't harsh... it isn't mean... it is being a mom.   I love my son so much.   I know he can turn this week around and have two more good days so he can get his big prize.  I know you can Spicer!  I am rooting for you!  I am in your corner!  I am your biggest cheerleader!   I love you so much!

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