Spicer has really struggled at school this week and last week.  I was hoping last week was just a fluke.  Last week Spicer did not meet his goals a single day.  It was very tough.   I have talked to him about his issues, we recite his goals, we talk about the rules, we role play, and ofcourse he has consquences for not meeting his goals and then rewards for meeting them.  Last week nothing worked.  I even took away all his toys for a very rough day he had last week.  This week started out with promise.  Monday he did not meet his goals but he was very close.  I praised him for the improvment.  But then yesterday was terrible.  He hit, he pushed, he had metldowns, he wouldn't do his work, he made noises and disrupted class, he kept knocking over his chair, and for some odd reason kept taking his shoes off?????   I really hope he has a better rest of the week.  Next Friday we have a meeting with the school to talk about options for Spicer.  I hope we can come up with the right solutions for him.  I am very lucky.  Spicer has a great team around him at the school.  His teachers, school officals, aides, and other employees are very supportive of Spicer.  Through this whole process I have never felt like they think Spicer is a Bad Kid or made Spicer feel that way.  They have been firm but loving with him.  I hope we can see some light at the end of the tunnel.  I love Spicer so much and want him to do well not just for me but for himself.  I want him to be proud of his behaviors and proud of his performance at school.  I love you Spicer no matter what!!!!

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