Yesterday was Spicer's ARC meeting.  I sat in a room surrounded by women, who are with my son every day, women who see all of Spicer.  These women help him through good days and bad days.   Spicer has made many improvements since Kindergarten and I have all of these women to thank for it.   Even Spicer’s teacher from last year took the time to come to the meeting.  It is very comforting to know that so many people care about Spicer and are willing to do the extra interventions he needs even without an IEP.  We aren't out of the woods yet but we are going in the right direction.   Spicer's two biggest struggles are his attention span (lack of it really) and reading.   The first issue makes the latter issue more difficult.   In effort to improve Spicer's reading skills the school has placed him in a reading group with a smaller student to teacher ratio in hopes of keeping his attention.   His teacher will be sending games home so we can help make reading more fun and keep his interest.  We plan on starting him in tutoring after winter break and doing summer school this year again to keep all the facts and figures fresh in his mind.   Spicer's attention span and reading issues dominated the conversation for the most part but the over overwhelming theme were all the comments about Spicer's heart.   Everyone in the room spent time telling a story or sharing their feelings about Spicer's big heart.   Every one of them said they had never met a child with a bigger heart and a more caring disposition.   I can't tell you how much that filled me with pride.   As a parent you want your child to be good at EVERYTHING which is statistically impossible.   But I took comfort in knowing that when it comes to the biggest grade that counts, my son is the best and soars above the rest.   And I was so glad that sitting around these women, these women who care for my son every day without fail recognize that and don't let it go unnoticed.   I love you Spicer!  I am so proud of you!  We WILL get there!  Thank you for passing the biggest test of all, thank you for having the biggest heart!
Tommy Anonymous
11/5/2011 09:41:17 am

Of course he has a big heart and a bright future....he has the best mom ever. I love you very much (but dont tell that ogre boyfriend of yours).


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