It is the call you never want to get... 

Me:  Hello?
Kidz Company:  Elizabeth, You need to come pick up Spicer.  He has a 104 temp and is shaking and crying.  .
Me:  I'll be right there!

I was already on my way so I was able to get there very fast.   I took Spicer home first and gave him motrin and then took him straight to Primary Care.   Then I heard the other words a mother never wants to hear. 

Me:  So what do we need to do?
Primary Care Doc:  There is nothing we can do really, just keep his temp down and call Dr. Dowdy in the moring

Spicer kept a 104-103 most of the night.  It finally went down early this morning and has stayed around 101-100.   He feels a lot better so I am glad.   Then I had yet another frustrating call.

Dr. Dowdy's Receptionist:  Hello
Me:  Hello, Dr. Dowdy saw Spicer for his Staph Infection and we were told to call if he had a fevor over 101 and he had a 104 last night and early this morning.   What do we need to do?
Dr Dowdy's Receptionist:  Please Hold.  (I hate it when they do that)....... Ms. Blumrick, I am sorry but Dr. Dowdy is out today and his PA is not certified to see children so there is really nothing we can do today but suggest you call his Primary Doctor and go from there.  Thank you! Sorry!

Ugg so then Dr. Hughes nurse calls me and says, "Just watch him.  Now I realize his temp spiked later in the day but we will be here till 4:30."  Gee thanks lady his temp spiked yesterday at 5!!!! :(  UGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 

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