As I reported a few days ago, Spicer has been doing good this new year of school  To date he has had no paw moves or missed recess.   I am very proud of him.  I thought I would email his teacher to see how things were going.  Most of the info she sharred was very positive.  In fact, Spicer is doing very well for the most part.  He has had a few bumps in the road but I feel confident his teacher will help him work on any bumps that come our way.  I knew everything will be ok this year no matter what we face when I read these words, "I love him. His heart is big.  His smile and ideas are winsome.  I call him  Spiceriffic!"   I can not tell you how much it makes my heart swell to read those words.  I love you Spicer!  You are SPICERIFFIC!!!
Spicer had his first week of school last week.  I am so proud of him.  He didn't get any time outs or any paw moves.  When I was praising him for such good work he said, "I am a big boy now Mommy!"  Yes you are Spicer!  I am so proud of you!!!!!!
Quote of the night: After running the stairs Spicer saw me and remarked, "Mommy are you sweating??? Girls don't sweat do they?"
Spicer came back from Texas on Thursday after being away from me for almost three weeks. I missed him so much. Thursday afternoon we had a home visit from Spicer's new teacher Ms. V. and his computer lab teacher. Spicer was thrilled to find out they share a love of Legos and that Ms. V has Legos in her classroom!!! Thursday night I surprised him with a guest. Spicer is always asking if his cousin Jordan can spend the night but it is hard to do since Spicer is at his dad's on the weekends during the school year and every other week in the summer plus two weeks before school starts. He and Jordan have had a blast. I love you Spicer! Welcome Home!!!