A few blogs ago I wrote about Spicer's Bucket List.  We have crossed a few things off this week.  Here are a few pics!  
Me: Spicer, please get dressed and finish cleaning your room.
Spicer: Are we leaving now?
Me: No, but I want you to get ready.
Spicer: (Looks around his "mostly" clean room and with at least his shorts on) Well this is progress Mommy.
I love you Spicer!!!
Since it is offically Summer I thought I would put together a Bucket List for Spicer and I.   Even though I work full time and I am on a budget there is no reason Spicer and I can't do a ton of fun stuff!  So here's our Top Ten plus 1 Summer Bucket List...

1.  Go to the Park
2.  Build Forts
3.  Take an "Alphabet tour"... camera in hand,   drive to town/city - begin with the letter a (Apple street) b (building) c (colosseum) d(dairy queen) e(eatery) you get the drift - when you are done.
4.  Learn Frisbee Golf.
5.  Go on a bike rides.
6.  Go to a farmers market.
7.  Backyard Birdwatching
8. Chalk in the Driveway
9.  Play tag in the rain
10.  Water Balloon Fight
11.  See a Nashville Sounds Game
I guess it really doesn't surprise me that Spicer loves the theater. With his dad working at a theater and I was in choir and drama in school, Spicer is quite the little budding actor. Last year was Spicer's first year to attend Summer Arts Academy at the Gleama Center. He had a great time last year and he really enjoyed himself this year too. Spicer and his group did the Tortoise and the Hare. Spicer was the Hare. There was never a cuter Hare. I love you Spicer!
Spicer and I have been walking to store, bank, and other errands near our house.  Last night we walked to the store to get a few needed items.  I love our walks.  I love how much Spicer talks durring our time together.  It feels so much better than being just glued to the tv.  Speaking of tv...our tv watching last night was quite educational.  Spicer and I watched the Venus Transit on NASA.  Spicer was amazed when I told him that this is the only time we will see this in our lifetimes and that the next Venus Transit isn't going to happen for over 100 years.  

I love you Spicer!
Robert Blumrick Cell:  Spicer said this is how you taught him to make his bed :)