As I have blogged before, Spicer has been having a hard time with his reading.  In effort to improve this he had a semester of Sylvan and has been in tutoring after school two days a week.  Last week his teacher sent me his most recent timed reading test.  He had been reading 15-20 out of almost 50 words.   This test Spicer made 43/48!   I am so proud of you sweet boy.  Thank you for being such a hardworker!!!   I am so proud of you Spicer!  This past week Spicer had a good week so he picked buying some new books as a reward.   I am so glad he loves to read.  I love you Spicer!  
Spicer will be headed on a road trip for Spring Break.  I will miss him so much.  I know he will have a great time with his daddy and all his Texas family.   I love you Spicer!  Here is a little travel music for you.  Safe travels this Friday my sweet!