Spicer and I have really been enjoying the weather!  We have had temps in the 70's and 80's.  Here are a few pictures of our hike and park fun.  We are loving the Spring!   I hope these temps stay mild for the rest of March and April.  
Spicer: Mommy the First Lady will be here tomarrow
Me: Neat Spicer!
Spicer: She is the President's wife.
Me: No she is the First Lady of Kentucky
Spicer: Oh! ... Mommy who is the First Lady of Texas?
Me: Rick Perry's wife.
Spicer: I like Rick Perry!
Me: Oh, I didn't know you knew him?
Spicer: Well he makes all the TOYSRUS in Texas sell cool toys.
Me: Well that's not Rick Perry Spicer, that's TOYSRUS' marketing department.
Spicer: Oh, well I like them then.
Spicer had some struggles this week but he pulled it together Friday and had a great day.  He didn't  just have a good day, his teacher used the words "super wow!" to describe his day.  Hang in there Spicer, you will get there.  I know you can do it!  I love you!