My Papaw loved to make his vegetable beef soup.  It was always a labor of love.  I can recall him making huge batches of it and freezing it in old Sanka Coffee plastic containers.  I loved his soup.  It always seemed to be just right. Tommy and I have been each making a pot of soup a week to go with our meals.  It is a low calorie and perfect for cold weather.  I decided this week to make Papaw's soup.  I called my Dad and Uncle Roy to make sure I had everything right.  Here is the recipe.  Hope you enjoy!

1 pound ground sirloin
1/3 large can of V-8 (use a little less and add to taste)
1 box of Beef Broth (Papaw used water but I used broth)
2 cans of whole white potatoes
2 cans of baby carrots
1 can of Lima Beans
1/3 bag of frozen cut okra
1/3 a small cabbage
Celery Flakes (Papaw used fresh celery but I prefer just the flakes)
1/3 a bag of frozen chopped onions
Season to taste (I used sea salt, fresh ground pepper, onion powder, a little chili powder, garlic powder, and chives)