Tommy and I have been exercising just about every day.   We have been lifting, biking, and doing HIIT.  It has been been very hard but very rewarding since I lost three pounds.  But it isn't just the pounds, it's the the changes in my body.  It's the size 12's and no more 14's!  It's the way my body is starting to take shape.  Every week I notice new things.   I can see myself begin to tone up more and more each day.   I feel in better shape than I have ever been.   Last week we introduced bikes and HIIT.  We were able to ride our bikes to campus, then do HIIT, and then ride back, and THEN lift weights.  Now that is quite the workout!  What are you doing to stay fit?  I will leave you with a little song.  Monday I rode 12 miles on my bike and I kept thinking of this song.  It's a great workout song.  Enjoy!!!


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