I had my weigh-in today.  I didn't have a huge loss.  I didn't even lose a pound.  I only lost .2lbs.  But this week I had a million reasons to gain.  I had candy temptations, I had stress at work, I had an ARC meeting for Spicer, and I was on my period (sorry about the TMI).   Every week I fear, "This will be the week I gain a pound."  So far I have been lucky to avoid gaining weight.  I have come close by not losing but I have never gained.   So this week even though it is just a tiny loss I am going to be proud of my little loss and post it proudly in my goal section.   This week I have learned to be proud of my weight loss no matter how small it may seem it is still a loss.  


Tommy Romantico
11/05/2011 16:51

Damn, I love you. But shhhhhhh.....dont tell your other boyfriends.


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