I think people who are dieting or trying to lose weight often become afraid of certain foods like pizza or cookies or ice cream.   You can still eat these foods!!! The biggest 2 differences are how much and how often.   I have some then and now's for you.  

Then:  Sharing half of a Mat's Large Extra Cheese Pizza with Tommy and dipping it in their honey butter, 1350cals
Now:  Eating a small slice of cheese pizza at Spicer's block party then eating a smaller dinner because of it, 290cals 

Then:  Eating a med sonic recess peanut butter cup blast, 670 cals
Now:  Eating a junior recess candy sundae, 164 cals

Then:  Eating a bunch of doughnut holes and several doughnuts for Breakfast, 1050cals
Now:  Splitting a doughnut with Tommy, 100 cals

Then:  A McDonald’s chicken biscuit and hash brown and loaded carmel mocha with whipped cream, 847 cals
Now:  Half of a subway breakfast sandwich and a small coffee with one cream and one natural sweetener, 110 cals

Then:  Half a bag of Doritos and French onion dip, 720 cals
Now:  14 lite ranch chips and laughing cow, 105 cals

Then: Pecan Cobbler from Backyard Burger with Ice Cream, 740 cals
Now:  Half of a blackberry cobbler with ice cream from Backyard Burger, 220 cals



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