I have had people ask me how Tommy and I are losing weight.   So I thought I would do a blog today with a run-down of what we are doing and some tips and hints.  

1.  Buy a scale (Buy a good digital scale to weigh-in and also buy food scales and measuring cups for when cooking at home.)

2. Weigh Yourself

3.  Figure out your current weight and what your goal weight is, Make a soft timeline but don’t freak out if you don't make it.  This is not a race!!!  

4.  Set a number of calories you need in a week or in a day.  We do a week so we can eat a little more on the weekends.   Keep your averages a little lower in the week so you can have a little splurge.  I truly believe you have to still have something "bad" for you every now and then to keep sane.  You can't live on soy milk and flax seed forever!!! 

5. Count every calorie that goes in your mouth.  Even count that little Hershey’s mini or that bite of cake or that free sample at Sam’s.  There are tons of aps and trackers for your phone or you can just use word and document it.
6.  Exercise!!!!  I like to exercise at least 4-5 times a week.  Some weeks I do more some weeks I do less.  The point is get moving.   Break things up!!!  I lift weights, bike, walk, do yoga, do zumba, do stairs, and swim.   Use an ap or website to track your calories burned.  Make sure to take your calories burned and then subtract the calories you would have burned sitting on the couch.  Some people forget this step; this can grossly inflate your calories burned if you forget!!!

7.  If you over eat at a meal, that's ok.  Eat less at the next meal to make up for it.  YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES...THAT'S OK!!!!  

8.  Weigh-in every week on the same day around the same time.  

9.  Have support!!!  (There are tons of local, national, and online support groups for weight-loss.) 

10.  Plan ahead.  If I know I am going somewhere to eat I look at the menu and see if the restaurant has nutrition facts.   Make sure to use the actual restaurant’s site.  Third party sites like live strong and calorie lab can be wrong.   Some places even have it on the menu!!! Panera!!!! Wooo hoooo!!!

Hope this helps :)


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