It is hard to eat right.   It is really hard to eat right on vacation.  This week I am in Disney World with my family for nine days.   I planned my meals, bought special food, mapped out the better meals online for inside the parks, I felt really prepared.   One thing I was not prepared for was the backlash I have gotten for having "different" food from everyone else.   I am on a diet and I don't expect everyone to be.  I thought it would be a good thing for me to just buy for "one" on all my "diet food stuff".   (And please be advised I did bring other food for everyone to share.)  Boy was I wrong!  Oddly enough it appears that what I thought was I nice thing has some how turned into a nightmare.   (NOTE: This may have to do with the fact that my entire family is tired so we are all a bit touched in the head right now!) Who would have thought my canned chicken soup, mixed fruit, egg beaters, light chips, and sugar free items would be so appealing to everyone.   I DID NOT SEE THAT ONE COMING!!!!?????!!!!!   I guess this is reason number 199999999999 why this is so hard.   What are some unexpected things that are hard about your diet?  and how do you handle them?


Tommy Anomaly
11/20/2011 18:13

I find it is hard to eat right when I am alone because someone has abandoned me to go on vacation. I want to shove my face full of deep dish pizza, chili dogs, cheeseburgers, and every other food that is bad for me. but I dont.


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