This weekend Tommy and I decided we would NOT count calories for Saturday night and Sunday durring the day.   It was very hard for me..... I found myself wanting to.  We didn't even really eat that bad.  Saturday we had a very very low calorie lunch and worked out.  Saturday night I had a salad and we split a meal the I had 2 pieces of pizza for a lat night snack (thin crust).   Sunday we were also good.  I had a salad and we split at meal.  Then we were back to our low calorie meal for dinner.   Plus we walked all over Nashville.  It wasn't bad but I was stressed when I weighed and I was a little heavier than Friday.  Uggggg I was frustrated and a little angry with myself.  WHY?????? I didn't do anything wrong.  I wasn't super bad even.  Why do I beat myself up?   I find myself doing it though.  Today I was mad at myself and ended up getting a little snippy with Tommy because we walked 3.75 miles per hour instead of 4 miles per hour.  Really??? Really???   GEEZE..... I just need to tell myself CHILL!!!!!   The weight will come back off an I will likely loose at least another pound this week.  And so what?  A pound is a pound and I will be happy for it.  :)  



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