My Mamaw was always an inspiration for the joy of giving.  One year at Christmas I gave her a small frame that had two people with gifts in their arms and the caption read, "The Joy Of Giving".  Mamaw gave her time, her money, and her talents.  I am lucky to have so many people around me with giving spirits.  What I admire about the many people around me who give is that they often do so without much fanfare.  They give and fade quietly into the background.   This Christmas I was especially touched by the people around me and thier giving nature.  It only takes a small gesture.  It could be anything from giving a little money to a local charity to buying someone groceries.   The beauty of giving is that it just doesn't have to be at Christmas.  I have always loved the Salvation Army's slogan that need knows no season.  It's true!  Today I noticed a facebook friend had a great status message.  It read, "What did you GIVE for Christmas?"  What a wonderful question.  Merry Christmas!


Tommy Lahst-Withowtyoo
12/24/2011 20:59

I love you. Merry Christmas, my sweet, amazing everything.

03/22/2012 08:50

THX for info


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