I blogged a few days ago about the pending evection of Tent City.   Since my blog a few things have happened.   Here are a few updates and ways to help via Michele Weber Thomas (head of Tent City Missions). 

 "First National Bank in Paducah has a Tent City Missions account and will give a receipt if needed. As far as physical donations, we are only asking for storage totes to help current campers pack for an easy move.   Any other supplies or donations can still be made and we will store them in the building as we WILL continue with that project as soon as we regroup from the current crisis situation. "

"We owe a GIGANTIC Thank You! To the lovely Heidi Suhrheinrich and our friends at Paducah Cooperative Ministry for going out of their way to reach out and help those at tent city by offering to turn one of their housing units into mens housing for 5 of our guys! THANK YOU So much PCM!"

According to Tent City Missions and Beyond the Gate it looks like almost everyone has found a place to re-locate.  Most will not be moving until Monday.  Please keep all involved in your thoughts.  There are going to be some very cold nights ahead.  I agree with Michelle when she says,  " Maybe something’s wrong with my thinking, but to me, seems 32 degree temps in a pup tent is a little more dangerous than 70 degrees in a ventilated fire resistant US Army issued insulated tent with a wood stove. Things that make you go hmmmm."    It has been very hard on some of the folks that have been there for quite some time.  Stephanie Daniel of Beyond the Gate said yesterday, “We really need your prayers right now!! I went out to the camp to check on Roy today to see what we can do to get him out of there. He hasn't eaten in days and he's very upset about everything that is going on. This has been his home for a very long time and now he has to make some very important decisions. We are hoping to be able to get him into the mission within the next couple of days but, I wish that someone that knows him personally would get involved and reach out to him. Thank you for your support and prayers!!! We have seen God do the impossible over the past year and I will never forget it!!! God Bless"  The amazing thing has been most of the residents’ upbeat spirit.   One of the guys named Bill said, "Only in Kentucky can you get evicted from the woods" which made everyone erupt in laughter.  I urge everyone to try to get this story national attention.  I have emailed NBC, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS.   Please again call all news media and local officials if you are a resident of Paducah.   Here are a few more pictures.   The first picture is the large army tents being torn down.   The second picture is Stephanie and Roy the guy who is having the hardest time leaving the camp.  The last picture is Tommy.  Tommy is no longer at the camp.  Before leaving the camp I had the privilege of hearing him sing.  He has amazing musical talent.   Thinking of everyone at tent city!!!



12/16/2011 08:43

Update via Michele Weber Thomas:
Relocating Roy has been one of our biggest concerns. With many prayers and the unending help of Sandi Clapp and David Edwards, among many others, he has just checked in at River City Mission, and the rest of us are currently disassembling his tent.


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