I kind of felt like wonder woman at this Friday's weigh in.  I was very scared after my last weeks 0lbs loss.  I was worried.   I didn't want to gain.   I just wanted to lose something.  ANYTHING!!!!!   I was not expecting to lose three pounds.   I worked very hard this week.   This week I took a break Monday since it was Spicer's first full day home.  Tuesday I walked and did yoga, Wednesday I did Yoga and a bike ride, Thursday I did Zumba and Yoga, and Friday I did another bike ride.   I wanted to lose and worked very hard to reach my goal but I was still worried the scale wouldn't reflect my hard work.  Last week I worked very hard too but didn't see it on the scale.   I have to accept there will be weeks like last week with no loss or there even might be a gain.   But it is sure nice to enjoy this three pound loss this week.  I was so shocked to see the number on my scale I weighed several times to make sure.   I am very happy about this week's loss.   -55 pounds here we come!!!!


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