Yesterday I blogged about maybe helping some pets that were displaced by the floods.  I found myself being frustrated when I had offered to help and no one had instantly returned my posts or emails.  (WHOOPS) What did that sound like?  It sounded like my foster and adoptive famlies.   So this is what it feels like?   You want to help, then you tell people you want to help, but when they don't get right back with you ..... BAM!!! Doubt, Frustration, everything that makes the pit of your tummy churn starts to happen.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.   Ofcourse they didn't get back to me instantly, ofcourse the did call me that very day, who am I kidding??  I am in no way comparing foster kids to pets but I do have some little hint of understanding why my foster and adoptive parents get so frustrated.  They set out to do something good and it takes so darn long, then they say yes to a child and then thier home might not get picked.   I try to explain to them there will be others but it is hard.  Well now I understand.  I said yes to 2 different cats yesterday but never got a call so I can assume that means I haven't been chosen.   Wow!!! Funny how something happens in your life and you learn something unexpected from it.  


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