I was updating my blog and the site and became very depressed.  I only weighed in once in the month of May.   What Happened?   I was on track in April.  I lost a total of 74lbs.  I was so close to 75lbs.   Then Europe, me sick, Spicer sick, crazy work.  I didn't give up all together but I sure did SLACK.  Last night I was bringing my rent to my landlords and letting them know that my disposal in my sink wasn't working.  They informed me that I needed to try hitting the reset button first before he came out to look at it.  A RESET BUTTON!   Perfect!  I started thinking about that today.  It is time to hit the reset button on my diet.  I have gotten too comfortable.   Time for a change!  Yesterday Spicer and I walked to Food Giant.  I realized I can do this all the time.  I can walk to Food Giant, I can walk to the bank, I can walk to Sonic even.   I can ride all over town.   I can do this!   I am also eating breakfast.   I am going to make myself eat at least a small bowl of ceral with soy milk or some turkey bacon and fruit everyday.  RESET!!!!


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