I got up early this morning to make Spicer a pancake.  I had made him one a few weeks ago and it turned out wonderfully.  The picture above is the one I made a few weeks ago and posted on Spicer's blog.   But today I didnt put enough Pam and I had the temp up too high so the pancake ended up sticking.  The pancake was a mess.  So this is the conversation between Spicer and I this morning about the pancake.

Me:  Spicer, the pancake is messed up.  It won't be a pretty this time as the last one.

Spicer:  It's ok Mommy, it will taste good on the inside.  We can fix it.

Spicer made me think.  We are all "messed up" in some way but if we are good on the inside we can always fix things.   It made me think about my weightloss.  I am pretty on the inside, I just am working on the outside.   Thank you Spicer for that wonderful lesson this morning.  I love you.  


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