For the last month I have not lost a pound and for the first time gained a pound.  I felt like I had a wall infront of me, a wall I had put up myself from lack of exercise and slacking on my calorie counting.  Starting last weekend I took steps to get over that wall.   Since last thusday I have biked, weight trained several times, and did the stairs twice.  Even with a very busy week MADE time to exercise.  My dedication paid off and I not only lost the pound I gained but lost another pound too to make a total of -2lbs this week and -69lbs total.  Next week will not be as busy as this week so I plan to exercise even more.   I feel confident I am over the wall and back on track.   I know there will be other walls and other pittfalls to tackle as I continue this jounrey and I feel confident I can take each ot them on.   The best part of this journey is seeing all the "little things" that aren't messured by the scales.  This weekend I wore my skinny jeans.  I bought them a few months ago but was afraid to wear them.   This weekend I felt much more confident when I put them on.   I will wear them again :)   On Saturday I was trying to reach something behind my washer and dryer.  There is this tiny little spot between the dyer and the wall.  I found myself thinking there is no way i can fit in there but a little voice in my head said try try!  So I tried and I was able to shimmy my much tinier body right in there so I could better see behind the dryer.  I know it sounds strange but that made my day.   There is no way I could have done that 69lbs ago.   What are you doing to get over your walls and through your pittfalls?


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