I weighed in today and I wasn't shocked.  I lost one pound.  It sounds so small, it sounds so tiny.  But it is one pound less than I weighed before.  I am working out and walking so I am going to see things slow down a little.  Not to worry since the real change is what I see.  I see the changes in my body, in my face, my tummy, my legs,my arms, and my clothes!!! So it's ok.  I was kind of bummy last night and Tommy said something so simple but so helpful.  "Honey you aren't eating what you were before.  You can't stay at your current size.  You are going to get smaller you have to it's just science."  Tommy's right....SHHHHHHHHH dont tell him that.  But he is.  It is just the way it is.  I am eating so much less I am just going to keep getting smaller.  I have a lot less calories going in and a lot more calories being burned.   Weight is out the window and what I see is much more important.  So I am going to jump for joy about my one pound because I am proud of loosing my one pound for a grand total of 22lbs!!!



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