I keep thinking a lot about the expression, "Old habits die hard."   I blogged at the end of the summer that I had cleaned out my car.   My car was so bad I wouldn't even drop off Spicer in the line at school for fear of the teachers getting a bad impression of me.   Tommy had my car detailed professionally and I cleaned out all the mess.   The first few months I as super good about cleaning it and washing it every week.   But my old habits started to return and I was noticing the car getting messy.   So today I decided to do something about it and spent about 20 mins cleaning out the car.   It felt good.  I felt like I was keeping those old habits at bay.   It is funny I have also started to notice that about my diet.   I seem less interested in exercise and there are more and more days where Tommy and I don't count our calories.  So this week I have tried to do better.  A co-worker gave me some cookies and treats and Tommy and I have painstakingly counted every calorie of every crumb we have eaten out of that yummy treat Christmas tin.   This week I have exercised.  Have I exercised everyday like I wanted to?  No!  But I have exercised!!!   Baby Steps!   What do you do to keep your old habits at bay?  



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