Last night I had very odd dreams.  In one of the dreams I was at a party.  I was standing in the food line and I kept adding all this food.   There was so much food on my little plate I ended up dropping the plate.   I felt a sigh of relief that I didn't end up eating it.   This week I have been very tempted to just eat, eat, eat.    I really wanted to get something at Mcds for breakfast when I stopped to get something for Spicer but instead I had my vitamin water.   I really wanted to eat everything inside the choclate shop when I went to get a gift basket for a foster parent appreciation dinner but instead since Tommy knew I was craving sweets he made me a low fat crepe.   I really wanted to get something fried and nachos from taco johns but instead I had 3 grilled chicken crispy tacos with sour cream on the side.   It can be so hard to make good choices at times.   Sometimes I don't make good choices.  The other day at staffing I brought a bunch of little treats and we had pizza.  I snacked the whole meeting.  UGGGG!  So to punish myself I had a very low calorie meal for dinner.  Yesterday I wanted to inhale a big giant pumpkin sugar cookie.   This morning I wanted to tear into the goldfish.  What's the deal?  Tommy and I were talking about it this morning and he said he has had the same problem.   What do you do to curb all these temptations?


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