Yesterday Tommy and I came up with an amazing lunch.  We split a personal pan veggie and added ham then split a half-salad from Wendys.  Now most of you may be saying..."That doesn't sound like a lot of food."  But I assure you... IT WAS.   It was quite yummy and made me very full.  There were tons of yummy veggies and cheese and a little bread, so so so yummy.  And the grand total of calories for my lunch........... drum roll........  .......  ........ 481 !!!!!!!!  Talk about a great meal.  Last night we had stirfry and I was so stuffed I couldnt even eat all of mine.  Tommy started adding my calories and said.... "Hun you are in trouble, you only had 1200 calories tonight.  You are going to have to eat a little snack."  It is funny how before my weight loss journey me being in trouble with my food intake meant I had eaten way too much.  But eating enough is just as important.   So today I am going to try to stay above my 1300 calorie line.  I don't want my body to think it is starving or cause muscle loss.   I leave you with a great quote I found today.  "One should eat to live, not live to eat."  ~Cicero, Rhetoricorum LV



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