I came across this the other day.  A fellow fitness/weight loss blogger posted it.   I have been thinking about this since last week.  A lot of people I know are training for a 5K or an Ironman or a marathon but I am just exercising.  I kept thinking, should I be doing this and is there something wrong with me because I'm not?  Then I saw this and I felt better.  "Not that there's anything wrong with that" it just isn't me.  I don't see me competing in some kind of race or anything of that nature.   To be blunt, I hate exercise.  I don't get a natural high when I exercise; I don't feel amazing after I finish, in fact I am usually panting and about to collapse.   BUT!!! It IS worth it!!!   I hope people don’t read this and think this is a discouraging blog.  That is not my intentions.  I am writing this blog for the rest of us out there.  The ones who don't really like exercise, who don't really enjoy eating less calories, for those of us who would rather run to the nearest Hardees and have a huge meal.   Let's be honest!   With all of that being said, I wouldn't trade my -65lbs for the biggest yummiest burger or cheese cake or sitting on the couch.  NO WAY!!  I have come way too far for that.   I AM SAVING MY LIFE!!


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