Since we are approaching the New Year I felt it only fitting to refect on this past year and post my goals for the New Year.  Here are some major milestones I have accomplished this year.

1) Blogged at least weekly - My Blog has really helped me keep on track.  I have been able to get out my feelings, record my strengths and needs, connect with others, and keep track of my weigh-ins and goals.   I don't think if I had blogged I would have had the success I have had.  It truely kept me from giving up so many times.

2) Sizes-  I am completly out of plus size clothes.  I am currently in a size 14 and a large.   I can shop at any store without issue.   This is a very big deal to me.  I never thought I would be at this point in one year.  I have gone from a 22 (almost a 24) to a 14!!!!  It feels amazing.  I have even started wearing some 12s and Meduims. 

3) Exercise - Although I have been an exercise flunky these last fwe months I have hit some major milestones in exerise.  I have ridden my bike many miles, I have lifted weights, done yoga, swimming, walked, and zumba.  I am never winded when I go up stairs.  Tommy and I walked and biked all over Europe. 

4) Under 200lbs!! -  I made it to under 200lbs and that was an amazing challenge.  It might have been one of the most amazing numbers I saw!  199lbs was quite a joy to see.   Now I just keep dropping and dropping and it feels so good.   -68lbs to date!!!

5) My Health - I feel better and am healthier than I have ever been.  My pulse, heart rate, and BP are wonderful.  I feel great, I'm less tired, no back problems, and less illness.   My health was one of the main reasons I started this weightloss.  I was very close to back issues, diebetes, high blood presssure, and other wieght related health issues.   

6) My Partner in Crime - Tommy has been with me on this journey every step of the way.  He has challenged me, supported me, and loved me.   I am so proud of his accomplishments.  He has dropped over 90lbs and is wearing a size 32 jeans.   I am so proud of you baby!!!!

I am sure I am leaving several milestones out but it has been quite the year!  But I am not finished yet!  I have altered my goals a bit for a new year.  My goal is to loose another 20lbs by the end of July.  I feel confident I can.  The rest of next year will be spent maintaining once I reach my goal.  I still plan to do a weekly weigh-in to record my maintinence.  I still plan to blog to keep myself in check.   I plan to exercise more this new year and get back into my routine.  What are your goals you have reached this year?  What goals do you ahve for the new year?


Tommy Amorous
12/29/2011 06:29

What a great year for both of us. I am so glad to have shared this amazing year with you....all the exercise and weight loss, our night at the Nashville Symphony seeing them do both Beethoven and Mozart, and of course, our amazing trip to Europe. I love you completely and am very excited about the coming year, which already looks awesome, starting on New Year's Eve partying with friends and staying at the Fox Briar, going to see God of Carnage in Nashville in February, and of course, Europe with the Joneses in April. are a good share partner.


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