"Attraversiamo" it is Elizabeth Gilbert's word in Eat, Pray, Love.  The word means "let's cross over".   I have done a lot of crossing over the past few years.  Many of these crosses over have been very scary, painful, freeing, and amazing.  They have been all of these things.   I feel like I am crossing over in my weight loss journey.  I wore a sport's bra today that I haven't worn in years.  That may seem silly for an ah ha moment or clairity to come in the form of a sports bra but it gave me this feeling of comming full circle or crossing over.   When I was a little girl I used to love the song "My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean."  When I had my first and only horse Harvey I used to change the lyrics to "My Harvey Lies Over the Ocean."  Perhaps I am drawn to water.  It could be connection I have with water from my childhood from swimming and going to the ocean so much as a child and as an adult as well.   I was thinking today "my body lies lover the ocean" it works well.   There is a great song that I love called the Water is Wide.  

The water is wide
I can't cross over
And neither have
I wings to fly
Build me a boat
That can carry two
And both shall row
My love and I

Somewhere as I write this there is someone deciding to change thier life.   They are scared, they are afraid, but they have made that decision.  I think about all those people.  I also think about all those people who decide to give up.  What makes one person to decide to make this change and some people give up?   Is it lack of support, lack of drive, just someone who is broken and tired?   I don't know the answers.  I think I made this journey becasue I had to.  I have a fav quote that has stuck with me for quite some time.  "And the day can the risk to remain tight in a bud was harder than the risk it took to blossom."  All I know is that I make this amazing journey across the water, over the ocean.  I am so proud of how far I have come and how far I continue to go.   It took me many years to realize I can be proud of myself.  I can cross over.  I am so glad I have Tommy, my son, my family, my friends, my co-workers, and all those who are helping me "cross over."  



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