I have made lots of changes over the past year and few months.  These last few days I have been thinking about all these changes.   I have changed my whole way of thinking when it comes to exercise, transportation, food, free time, blogging, and eating breakfast.  So many CHANGES.  Even in this last week or so I have made a lot of changes.  Tommy and I now have 2 bikes.  I have a Fixie for in town and ridding with Spicer and a Performance Hybrid with very thin tires for longer rides.  I have been walking to the store and using my re-usable bags to carry my items purchased.  Spicer and I are spending more time outside.   I have been reading in the evenings instead of just watching tv all the time.   I have been eating breakfast for the first time consistantly in YEARS.   I take vitamins and check my blood pressure.   I read nutrition labels and look at calories.   I plan my meals.  I have really changed.   I travel more than ever.  I think in life we are always evolving and changing.   I love the changes I have made in my life.  But I must give credit, there is no way I would have been able to make all these changes without such a supportive partner.   It is amazing that Tommy and I both have been able to make these changes together.   I leave you with this quote about change.  What are you doing to changes the things you need to in your life?


Tommy Flattered-Asaulheghout
06/06/2012 11:17

Tommy Flattered-Asaulgehtout
06/06/2012 11:19

Awwwww. You are a pretty amazin' girl, Miss Princess.


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