Tommy and I have really bummped up our working out this week.  I worked out every day this week!  Today alone I burned 1,000 calories.   I feel great!  My exercise includes; Zumba, Weight Lifting, and Bikes.  We plan to take a break tomarrow and then do stairs Sunday.  That will make 6 days a week! 

FYI... This might be TMI for some of you!!!!!

Today Tommy and I were talking body hair and I told him how much I disliked my dark, thick arm hair.  As a kid I was made fun of for my dark and long arm hair.  Over the years I have just learned to deal with it (sort of) but still hate it.   Tommy suggested today that if I dislike it so much why didn't I do something about it.  I have considered bleaching them, waxing them, and other means.  But they were either too costly or too time consuming.  Then Tommy said something that had NEVER occured to me.  "Baby, why dont you use my trimmers."  I thought for a second... "Why don't I?"  So... I did!!!!!  I know this sounds silly but after I did it I cried.  It was as if someone had just taken away one of the biggest sources of my insecurities minus my weight.   I must say I am very proud of my arms.   I keep looking at them.  I can't help it.  I love my arms now.  Funny isn't it?  How just one little change can make all the difference.  Thanks Tommy!  I love you :)


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