I was getting ready to go out last night and I was trying things on.  Clothes are looser, things that were too tight to wear are more wearable.  This includes two of my favorite black dresses.  I put them on and spinned around in them.  It felt good but I found myself trying to put on bigger clothes.  I tried to put back on a dress I bought a few months ago at my heaviest.  Tommy saw me with it on and said, "Honey that is really too big for you."  So I followed his advice and put on one of my favorite little black dresses I call my Audrey Hepburn Dress.  It felt good to hear that.  It was so tempting to put on something bigger.  I wanted to...I was afraid to put something on that was more form fitting.  But in the end I was glad I wore it and felt good in it.   Tommy and I had a wonderful Saturday.  We made a stop at Creatures of Habbit for the Masked Ball at Duncans.  We then jetted over to Maiden Alley to see My Blue Valentine.  The movie was amazing but very raw.  It really can be summed up by the song in the tailer.  "You always hurt the ones you love."  Why do we do that?  So often we do.  After the movie we headed to the Punk Show with Dan and Carla and enjoyed some great music.   Then afterwards Tommy and I went to Duncans for dinner and music at the Masked Ball.  I had one of thier amazing chicken sandwiches, guilt free and amazing!!   They pulled me into the mask contest.  There was a very well built lady in the line up and ofcoure she won.  But as I was leaving I smiled at Tommy and said, "Next year, that's going to be me."  :)  Next year I will have a new little black dress and a new body.  



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