It's funny how things happen.  I had intended to have the number 49 as a picture for this blog but when I looked up 49 on my free picture search this is one of the pictures that came up.   This is how I felt today.  I felt like my -50lbs was behind this brick wall.  But I looked up today's daily word and here is an excert.  I thought it was very fitting for today. 

"Turning Points...  I have been through turning points in my life--times in which I overcame fear, changed my way of thinking, or found inner reserves of courage and strength. As I look back on these times, I realize I was never alone. This gives me comfort and peace.   I give thanks for the turning points in my life, for through them, I have emerged stronger and wiser. I have been blessed with new ideas and attitudes, new ways of seeing the world around me and the people in it."

Not loosing two pounds isn't the end of the world.  Is it frustrating?  YES!!!  But not the end of the world.  I still lost a pound and I am proud of that.  I exercised everyday this week and I am proud of that.  I stayed on the lower end of my calories and I am proud of that.  I helped my body build muscle and I am proud of that.  And even with excessive heat warnings everyday I did not give up!!!  So I will be proud of my one pound because, I'VE EARNED IT!!!!



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