Three times my shadow crossed your floor
And three times I came to your lonely door
I was the beggar with bruised, cold feet
And I was the woman you gave something' to eat
I was the child on the homeless street.
Three times I knocked and three times I came in
And each time I found the warmth of a friend
Of all the gifts love is the best
And I was honored to be your Christmas guest.

I thought about the Christmas Guest story many times today.   From time to time I have referenced Tent City.  During the flood in Paducah my heart was warmed when several of these men and women who have nothing stopped and took the time to give back and help sandbag.   On father's day I gave several goody bags to the fathers at the camp in my Daddy's name.   When I listed the people who inspired me I referenced Stephanie from Beyond the Gate Ministries.  I have never met a woman with a bigger heart and such unconditional love for others.   I was saddened to hear last night that the City of Paducah was planning to evict the tent city folks who had strayed off the property line of the land given to them.   An attempt was made to go to the PVA office but it was closed yesterday due to the inauguration.   After some discussion last night the city decided to clarify the eviction and plans to arrest any trespassers still at the camp today who have not relocated.   Behind the property line is no longer acceptable.  They must leave tent city altogether.  There are many people in the camp.   The suggestions given by the city do not meet the needs of those in the camp.   PCM and Family Service Society DO NOT PROVIDE HOUSING.  Since this is mid-month they are often out of resources.   I called River City Missions (the only local shelter) and was told they already have around 60 people and can only take a max of around 80.  I am waiting on a confirmation of the number of people in tent city but I suspect it is more than 20.   As I am writing this blog I just saw word that the people of Tent City have been given a week to leave the property.   It makes me sick to the core that the city of Paducah did more to help relocate cats and dogs after mess with the shelter a few weeks ago.   These are people!  This is Christmas!  I thought I would share a few faces of the homeless from tent city.   Look at their faces, look at them!  They are people!  These are the people the city of Paducah is throwing of the land donated to them.   If you are a citizen of Paducah I urge you to call all of your local officials and tell them how wrong this is.     Please keep all those at Tent City in your thoughts.  



Lori Smith
12/14/2011 09:44

This hurts my heart so. I have been homeless from cicumstances way out of my control. Stephanie is awesome, and what are people thinking. With all the flooding, earthquakes, ice, storms, they might be glad to have a tent for a period of time. Lord, help us..send help from on high to this ministry. GBU Elizabeth.

Chuck Thompson
12/14/2011 10:12

Amen. This is a crystal clear case of class discrimination. It reeks of the "just move all the drug dealers to Mayfield" attitude expressed by Mayor Paxton in a commission meeting earlier this year. Have a problem in Paducah? Just strongarm it out of town. Especially those who have reached rock bottom in their lives. Kick those people in the gut first. THEN kick em in the ass as they get up to leave. Hopefully theyll fly...all the way to Mayfield. :-( And, since PCM and Family Services don't help with shelter, the ONLY option for those evicted is River City Mission. If they are addicted to ANY substance, including nicotine, they are NOT welcome there. So...when these folks decide to pitch their tent in YOUR yard, just remember...they were TRYING to eke out a quiet life in Tent City, far from view. And, just a personal note to whomever was responsible for booting these folks 9 days before Christmas... SHAME ON YOU. :-(

Kimberly Russell
12/14/2011 11:58

My thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of Tent City. As if life hasn't kicked them around enough, now they are being kicked off property they have permission to be on. Makes my heart ache to know these children are out there with no shelter. Lord, I pray that you provide for these most needy of your children.

Tommy Grinchenstein
12/14/2011 18:45

If I stick my hand in a fire, then it gets burned. If I poke a tiger with a stick, then my arm gets ripped off. If I refuse to accept society's conventions, then......

12/15/2011 08:30

I cried when i scrolled down earlier and saw those children... where is the compassion? the wanting to care for your neighbors?

03/21/2012 11:59

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