This is the first Christmas of my weight loss journey. I got off pretty easy for Thanksgiving since we were in Florida and our Turkey Day was pretty low key.   Christmas is different.  There are tons of pitfalls.  1.) Candy and Cookies:  It is very hard to resist when everyone’s baked goods including my own are sitting on the table just asking to be eaten.   2.) Christmas Buffet w/ Tommy's parents:  Every year Tommy's immediate family eat the Christmas Buffet at the Casino.  It is a way to insist that Tommy's mom doesn't cook.   It took some talking into over the years but she loves it.  She gets to visit without being stressed about the meal and the clean-up.   The buffet is full of land mines including my weakness!!!! The alfredo sauce!!!! 3.) Junk; All the m&ms, the Hershey’s minis, the candy bars!!!  You know the good stuff?   4,) Snacking:  It is so easy to park yourself over the bowl of dip and just go nuts!  That's right Christmas feels like a death trap!  I thought I had planned this carefully.  I just didn't eat until the dinner at my mom’s at 3 except for a few grapes and one piece of cheese.  But looking back now this might not have been the best plan because I was STARVING!  So I found myself parking over the hummus bowl and kept making myself the little turkey mini croissants with horseradish mayo...mmmm.   But I tried to show some restraint.   The night ended and I had hopes of doing better with the next day.  Christmas Day Tommy, Spicer, and I got breakfast at Hardees but this year instead of a major chow down I had one chicken biscuit.  What did I eat last year?  This is kind of embarrassing but I know exactly what I ate.  (Fried pork chop biscuit, gravy, and cinnamon rolls, and 2 milks!)  So that was an improvement to say the least.  Then we snacked on some candy and headed to Tommy's parents.  Tommy's mom kept trying to feed us a pie but I managed to avoid it.   Then it was off to the buffet after opening gifts.  At least I had eaten something prior this time.   At the buffet I kept my food to a min or so I thought by having one plate, a salad, and a very small dessert.  Afterwards I felt bloated and gross.  What was wrong??  Later Tommy and I agreed that we both were glad we felt gross.  It was a good reminder of HOW NOT TO EAT.   In the end, I certainly didn't deprive myself at Christmas but I don't think I was just terrible.  After all, it is Christmas.   I think next year my plans are:  1) Eat before I come to Christmas functions so I at least have some food in my belly so I am not starving.  2) Make a small plate of the dip items to avoid just standing over the hummus and not stopping.  3) Enjoy myself but not too much, all things in moderation.   In the end, I did not gain weight over these past few days and I still enjoyed the food of the holiday season.  All in all, I survived the Holidays, that in itself if a big deal.   What did you do to survive the Holidays?


Tommy Eatson-Howe
12/28/2011 06:57

You forgot one thing that we did to assuage our appetites at the ol' gamblin' hall....we had our soup and salad before we hit the other items on the buffet. I think it helped us to avoid eating too much of the bad stuff by filling our bellies with low-cal fare first. Also, I recommend at Christmas that after you open your presents, but before dinner, eat lots of wrapping paper. Hardly any calories at all, it fills your belly, and your poop comes out looking like it could be placed under a tree. No bows though.....I hear that bows are tremendously high in calories.


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