It isn't a big secret but Tommy and I don't cook.   I can count on my fingers how many times we have cooked in the last 2.5 years.  This has been a source of frustration for me.   I love to cook!  I have really missed cooking.  Disclaimer:  I do cook for Spicer.  In fact, I cook for Spicer almost every night.   But Tommy and I have gotten in the habit of me cooking for Spicer, feeding him, then Tommy and I eating carryout after Spicer goes to bed.   I used to try to hide the fact that I wasn't cooking but I guess the cat's out of the bag now.   Since we are going on this trip to Europe we are trying to save money.   So Tommy asked me last week if I would mind if we started cooking at home more.  Mind???? Mind??? I have been trying to get him to let us cook at home for 2.5 years of course I didn't mind.   So Sunday we grilled, Monday we did order out, Tuesday we made lasagna, tonight we are grilling again, and Thursday we are making a pork roast in the crockpot.   I am so excited.  Last night it smelled so good in my house with the lasagna cooking, it occurred to me how much I have missed the smell of food cooking.   I can wait till Thursday.   I love the smell of a roast in the crock pot.  I plan to add a section to my blog and call it crock pot Thursdays to share what we cook in the crock pot Thursday nights.   What are you having for dinner?


09/14/2011 07:40


cooking at home can so enhance eating healthy as you are choosing all that you are putting into your body !!!

another yahoo to you tommy and to you elizabeth for your " patience "

tommy pajamy
09/22/2011 22:19

Save money by cooking at home? Bah humbug. Costs about the same with far more effort and lots of cleanup. On the other hand, it can be nice SOMETIMES.


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