frustrating present participle of frus·trate (Verb) 1. Prevent (a plan or attempted action) from progressing, succeeding, or being fulfilled: "his attempt to frustrate the merger". 2. Prevent (someone) from doing or achieving something

Ever feel like this guy??????

I know exactly what he is feeling right now!  Well maybe not what he is feeling, he is a male model paid to portray this feeling.  But you get my point.  I'm frustrated!!!!  I keep spot weighing and even with the very long hike and eating a little under my normal calories I am STILL not losing any weight.  REALLY???? UGGGGGG!!!!!  I know there are other factors.  I know sometimes we retain fluid, muscle weighs more than fat, and the body is just weird sometimes.  I get it!!! That is what I repeat to myself when I get on the scales but it all just falls away when I see that number pop up on the digital scale not moving an inch!!!!!!!!   Tommy has suggested we just stop weighing altogether.  That scares me to death!!! There is no way I can do that but I knew I was going to hit a wall at some point.  I just need to be patient and climb on over that wall.  :)



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