It has been a busy week and I have been sick too but I still lost a pound.  I tried to keep my calories low within reason and keep the snacking down.   Next week I might either weigh-in early or skip my weigh-in.  I will just have to see how busy I am before I leave for vacation.   I hope to lose some weight like I did when I was in Europe.   I plan to walk, swim, split meals, and eat as light as I can.   I also have Turkey day to contend with.   I plan to eat modestly and only make one trip.   Last week I was glad to lose even .2 pounds and this week I am thrilled to report this one pound loss as well.  Each little step gets me closer and closer to my goal.   Today I tried on a few things from my skinny days and was happy to see that some of them fit.  Some of them were tight but I was still able to get them on.   I feel so close to where I want to be.  It feels good to be so close to that finish line.   I realize that after I reach my goal I will have to work to maintain.  But I know I can do this.   I know I can get there.  I am so close!  I can feel it!   


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